"HIV is a Virus, not a Sin."

Dontá Morrison is a Los Angeles based HIV advocate with vast experience in the areas of education, prevention, and treatment. Experienced in managing community-based programs focused on applying HIV and STI prevention strategies to those at-risk for infection -primarily young men of color- he has been a great asset to those in need. 

A veteran of the U.S Air Force, member of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc., and The Black Speakers Network, he has dedicated himself to changing the way communities of color engage in conversations about sex, sexual behavior, and human sexuality. His humorous style of approach creates a comfortable dialogue about the sexually sensitive issues audiences normally shy away from. 

Dontá is a licensed minister and well versed in the functions of the faith-based community. He has successfully broken barriers and offered guidance to clergy on how to best discuss sex and human sexuality in a culturally sensitive manner. His motto “HIV is a virus, not a sin” is something he wants the church to remember when dealing with an epidemic that is far from over. 

HIV Plus magazine named him as one of the top 20 most amazing HIV+ people of 2018. He is the recipient of numerous awards and his candid views on the epidemic within marginalized communities has been published in various magazines. 


He is the author of two novels: The End of the Rainbow, and Yesterday Clarified. Host of the highly engaging podcast The Dontá Show, and currently pursuing a PhD in Global Leadership from Pepperdine University.

“If you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far go together.”


Workshop Topics


Three Little Letters: A sexual health discussion for youth and young adults. 

The Talk: A sexual health discussion for parents.

The Pew and The Pulpit: A sexual health discussion for faith leaders.