"HIV is a Virus, not a Sin."

Dontá Morrison is a Los Angeles based community advocate focused on bridging gaps and improving the lives of marginalized persons. Currently, as the Associate Director of HIV Prevention Services at APLA Health & Wellness, he oversees several sexual health programs that provide HIV and STI prevention strategies to those at-risk for infection. He works tirelessly to change the way communities engage in conversations about sex, sexual behavior, and human sexuality. In addition, he serves in a consultative role with local non-profit organizations charged with bettering the lives of youth and young adults from diverse experiences and backgrounds.

As a presenter and moderator, his relatability and humorous approach to sensitive issues create comfortable dialogue that audiences appreciate. He is a member of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc., the Black Speakers Network, and a licensed minister within the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship; which strengthens his versatility and ability to engage an array of listeners.


HIV Plus magazine named him as one of the top 20 most amazing HIV+ people of 2018. He is the recipient of numerous awards and his candid views on the epidemic within marginalized communities has been published in various magazines. He is the author of two novels: The End of the Rainbow, and Yesterday Clarified, and host of the highly engaging The Dontá Show on Facebook Live.


Dontá has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services from Springfield College, Master of Arts Degree in Social Entrepreneurship & Change from Pepperdine University, and currently pursuing a Doctorate of Global Leadership at Pepperdine University.

“If you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far go together.”