A Simple Question

It's been decades and as black, white or indifferent as we are, we still have a problem! The love that some once knew and the place of resilience and vulnerable apathy that we used to embrace has been replaced with self-hatred and lack of compassion for the moments of honest true Love.

We now live in such a convoluted society that we don't know what it means to be patient and explore the realities of life through dating and healthy relationship building. It seems as though we have lost our luster for the authenticity of love. We have moved into an idealistic society of Godless, half-educated, self insidious people who party, drink, 420 and rotate our lives through social media; hence eliminating the TRUE decadence of "the way things used to be" when we took moments to breathe, enjoy the outdoors and build culture. We used to formulate genuine friendships that endured tough and tight moments and wasn't vacillated on just walking away because of a momentary disagreement or misunderstanding. A time where we argued, fought and still used that as a building block for relationships, businesses and LOVE!!!

I don't know about you but I'm tired of living in a society where we tear each other down instead of build each other up. We expose the differences by separation, selfish lifestyles and hatred among ourselves as people; regardless of how we identify ourselves, at some point we must find love!!

When the authenticity of love is embarked on we succeed as groups and individuals. We will truly create unity and see the sparkle and tingle of friendships and relationships, family bonds and intimacy!!! Love is waiting on us to dress ourselves in its liberation. Will you break down the wall of what happened in your past and build on your present? True love is teaching us that we have the compassionate ability to build more together as a team than we do isolated in our difference of race, sexual orientation or religious dogma?

Authentic love is waiting to be embraced and developed through intuitive abilities to embrace and not deny the true essence of one simple but made to be difficult notion and ability. It's time for a change.

What Happened to Love?

Curt Thomas is Pastor of The Renewed Church of Los Angeles. A place where you can embrace your purpose and be an example through Love.

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