Same God Different Church

Minister Christ Petit penned a great reflection of how things used to be, and reminder of where we are. I love forward movement and the Christian youth of today are definitely about that. Enjoy

During church on Sunday the Pastor called the Youth to the front of the church and prayed for them. I thought it was awesome. I was talking with a friend and mentioned how much church has changed. Gone are the days of tight patent leather shoes and starched, itchy shirt collars. Church has a new look. There are churches with programs that only last about an hour and a half now (which I love!) In my day, we would be in church all day long, Saturday and Sunday!

Saturdays were for choir rehearsals and auxiliary meetings. Sundays included: Sunday School, Morning Worship, Christian Youth Fellowship (BTU for the Baptists here) and then Evening Worship. We’d get home about 8:30 p.m. . Which I realize was pretty good because my Pentecostal and Apostolic friends got home around midnight. The only time we got home later than 10:00 p.m. was when Rev. James Cleveland’s group came to sing; then we’d get out around 1 a.m. or stayed until everyone caught the Holy Ghost.

The only break we had on Sundays was between the end of Morning Worship and the start Youth Fellowship. There was just enough time to eat the fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collards and cornbread that grandma prepared. Maybe catch a half-hour of Gilligan’s Island or F-Troop, and then it was back to church.

We dressed! Hard shoes and clip on bow ties; tights for the girls. We baked! No a/c only hands fans and too small windows. If we were lucky mom would pass us a church mint (Brach’s Peppermint for the un-informed). No gum, no passing notes. Everyone in church was addressed as Bishop, Reverend, brother, sister or mother. And everyone was your mom. They could spank you or grab you by the ear if you needed it. And when your mom found out you got it all over again.

But you know what? We still had fun at church, and that is something we should not lose. We just have to understand that church has changed and some adaptations are necessary.

The kid that you called out for playing on his phone wasn’t playing games. His phone has his bible on it. You didn’t even realize that you discouraged him.

The girl that you told to stop texting during church? She was Tweeting and Facebooking your message to her 850 friends. She sent a video message to her friends to show them how good the choir sings.

Church is no longer the same but the kids are doing the best they can. Personally I’d love it if you Tweeted my message on Sunday morning. The truth is that the people in the pews are tired of me anyway. Give me some new friends who find value in what God is saying today.

We need to focus on the youth and making them disciples. And do me a favor. Let’s not just give them a program and tell them what we want to see. Let’s let them teach us some new things. Stop being proud that your church doesn’t have a computer or a webpage. Technology is not evil, and neither are our youth for using it to promote the Kingdom.

That is all. CP

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